Kori Muhammad kills three in downtown Fresno shooting spree

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A man who was already wanted in the shooting death of a security guard at a motel Thursday went on a killing rampage in downtown Fresno, California Tuesday morning, firing off 16 shots and killing three people.

The shooting reportedly started about 10:45 am, with all 16 shots fired off within a minute’s time.

One witness, driving a Pacific Gas & Electric pickup truck, drove to the police headquarters and told them his passenger had been shot by the gunman. The passenger was killed.

The other two people killed were near the Catholic Charities agency, and were assumed to be either clients or employees.

The gunman has been identified as 39-year-old Kori Ali Muhammad, a man who had voiced hatred toward the government and white people.

He was taken into custody by police, and reportedly shouted, “Allahu Akbar” before turning himself in.

However, the Fresno Police Chief, Jerry Dyer, said it was a “random act of violence,” and he “wasn’t clear” if it was terror-related.

“Too early to say whether or not this involves terrorism,” he said. “Certainly by the statement that was made it could give that indication, however, there was no statement that was made Thursday night when he shot the security guard. There was no comments made at that time.”



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