Labor Unions Are Scrambling To Stop Trump

Donald Trump’s appeal to working-class voters threatens to upset the power of the unions, and they are desperate to end it.   Imagine  – unions who are supposed to protect workers’ jobs don’t want them to listen to someone promising to do just that.

Concerned union leaders are warning their members, “We can’t be fooled,” claiming that Trump isn’t really interested in solving the problems he yells about, and that his “punch lines” are just that and nothing more.  Union leaders are organizing phone banks and ad campaigns in a desperate attempt to stop members from supporting him, reports The Guardian.

Normally union workers can be relied upon to vote Democrat in a presidential election, but Donald Trump’s message about fair trade and bringing jobs back to America has hit home with them, as many are struggling to makes ends meet, while watching more and more jobs and industry leave the country.    Trump’s position on trade and his talk about standing up to “all-talk-no-action politicians” is resonating with them in a huge way.

The Guardian says that AFL-CIO, America’s largest federation of labor unions, has not yet endorsed a presidential candidate, but is encouraging its members to support the Democratic nominee.   The organization is planning to launch digital attack ads against Trump, as well as ramping up door-knocking efforts.

They won’t win over Jared Szczesny, 31.  Although he’s a union member, he’s voting for Trump in the Pennsylvania primary Tuesday.    He works seven days a week and has never been able to take off work to attend a Trump rally, but after he finished reading Trump’s book, “The Art of the Deal”, he says he knew Trump had his vote.


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