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I received the email below from a DML News reader.  She watched my video about how the calls for socialism is taking steam in the US.  She shared some interesting thoughts.

I just watched your sit and talk about America’s embrace of socialism, and for what it’s worth, wanted to give my perspective as a self employed contractor with a passion for history, philosophy, and America’s founding principles.

Progressivism made it’s way to America in the late 1800s, and like a cancer, has spread incrementally, with the help of Republicans, no less. Since Roosevelt, this German imported ideology has, little by little, killed Constitutional principle and afforded the federal government unlimited power.

To answer your question about why this is happening is simple. A government is a reflection of its people, not the other way around. Politics today is fueled by populism, not principle, and as you said, when driven by a will to survive, people will embrace deadly world views like socialism. Our framers warned that a free society could not exist with an ignorant, immoral electorate. It is no surprise then, that the government has awarded itself powers beyond it’s small and defined purposes from education, food, healthcare, and everything in between. At the same time, even Republicans turn to the government for answers, or believe that it will be able to fix itself.

The only way to reverse this out of control progressive freight train is to educate. I see very few conservatives with large platforms take this on, even though the Constitution is easy to understand and we live in the information age, where Google can deliver the words of our framers in a fraction of a second. I can not imagine the blow Progressivism would take if conservative talk show hosts reserved just 10 minutes of every show to teaching Constitutional principle, as it was written and intended every day. No doubt, local politics would change, and in turn, national. George Washington said: Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.

I could go on and on about culture and philosophy, natural law, and the negative effect that progressivism has had on our sense of purpose as a nation , but I will spare you for another day. Thank you for your efforts and good luck on your journey.

Wasilla, Alaska

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