LAPD Commissioner Fears for Life Over BLM Activist


The president of the Los Angeles Police Commission has filed a restraining order against Black Lives Matter activist Trevor Gerard, saying that he fears for his life and his family’s safety.

The commission president, Matt M. Johnson, claims in the official documents that Gerard stalked him at home and at work and verbally threatened him. The City Attorney’s office filed the restraining order on Johnson’s behalf on Dec. 19th.

The request seeks to keep Gerard 100 yards away from Johnson, his family, his dwelling, and his office. Gerard said he would fight the order at a court hearing, scheduled for Jan. 10th.

Gerard is going on record to deny the claims, saying they are politically-motivated and distort the truth. He told LA Weekly, “I never told him that he should be afraid of me. I never told him to meet me outside. I never threatened him with any kind of physical violence.

“The people who sit on the commission board largely have acted as a rubber-stamp body for the extreme levels of violence that LAPD has been engaging in. And they have become too comfortable with the way that we’ve forced to engage them in that meeting space, which is the LAPD headquarters itself.”

lapdAs police commission president, Johnson favors de-escalation and minimal force in police encounters. He has called for more detailed information being made available to the public surrounding police-involved shootings, and in 2016 called for changes to policies about when LAPD officers should use deadly force.

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