Large Snake Pops Up In Toilet at Apartment Building

On December 27th, Arlington County Animal Control received a very familiar call – a snake was found in a toilet at a nearby apartment building.

Employees only became alarmed when they discovered the size of the snake, a yellow anaconda!

Chelsea Lindsey, the animal control agency’s communication specialist, estimated that the snake, which is not venomous, was between 4 and 5 feet long.

Lindsey advised that a snake in a toilet is not a rare occurrence. “Usually, those calls are nothing we are too concerned about. Normally we deal with smaller snakes (in toilets), like wild snakes or ball pythons, but we discovered it wasn’t a python, it was a yellow anaconda.”

Lindsey said that the snake was probably abandoned by its owner and, therefore, retreated to the toilet to seek out food such as rats and mice.

The anaconda, which the animal control team named Sir Hiss, became afraid during the rescue.

“We don’t want people thinking there was an anaconda outside that came inside. There wasn’t an anaconda crawling around Arlington,” she said.

“He is a more unusual, larger type of snake,” Lindsey continued. “But he wasn’t going around trying to eat people.”

The snake stayed at the animal control site for a few days, until a specialist capable of handling the creature came to pick it up.

No one was injured during the rescue.



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