Last Facebook Post of Slain Officer Speaks Volumes

The brutal attacks on police officers continued Sunday in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, when six officers were shot, leaving three dead, one in critical condition, and two with non-life-threatening injuries.

The slain officers were:


Attacks on Police BR LA 1b Montrell Jackson

Montrell Jackson, 32 – He had served on the Baton Rouge police force for 10 years, and had a 4-month-old son.   A screenshot of what is reported to be Jackson’s final Facebook post on July 8 is shared below.  Jackson said, “I swear to God I love this city but I wonder if this city loves me.  In uniform I get nasty hateful looks and out of uniform some consider me a threat.  I’ve experienced so much in my short life and these last 3 days have tested me to the core.”

Nine days later, Jackson would give his life protecting his city.



Attacks on Police BR LA 1 Montrell Jackson


Attacks on Police BR LA 3 Matthew Gerald

Matthew Gerald, 41 – Had served on the force for four months. He celebrated his 4th wedding anniversary just two weeks ago.






Attacks on Police BR LA 4 Brad Garafola

Brad Garafola, 45 – Deputy for East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Department for the past 24 years, a family man with four children ages 7-21.  He was working a final shift before going on vacation with his family.











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