Latino Actress Says Hillary Only Candidate To Defeat ISIS

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Mexican-born, Oscar-nominated actress and activist Salma Hayek told The Daily Beast she believes Hillary Clinton is the only presidential candidate qualified to take on ISIS, and she is supporting her for President.

Hayek told The Daily Beast from London on Tuesday, “Because she’s a woman she’s always been in the shadows operating under the rules of men, and she’s navigated beautifully in it.  We have not seen her full potential yet.

Hayek helped launch “Latinos For Hillary” last September.

She said Clinton’s gender would be an asset.  “Men are too passionate and their egos are too stubborn,” she said. “She is levelheaded. She is kind. She has a heart. She’s human. She’s smart. But nothing brings her down. They’ve been trying to put this woman down for 30 years. She’s indestructible. She gets up with grace. And she gets things done with grace—not bullying.”

“And the thing is, she doesn’t oversell a fantastic dream. I think she tells you what she thinks can be done, and I think she will surprise us by doing much more than that. I think the things she’s saying aren’t only to catch votes. Everyone else is trying to catch the votes.”

“Maybe it’s not as exciting, but it’s very dangerous right now to put the American army in the hands of the wrong people,” she concluded. “Either one extreme, or the other. These are not times to be messing around. I live in Europe and I tell you, it’s very, very dangerous. The only person that is truly respected by all the other countries is her. When they ask all of these people, ‘How would you deal with ISIS?’ I listen to them respond, and I tremble—except for when she talks.”


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