Lawmakers Slam Library of Congress For Dropping Term “Illegal Alien”

The battle over what to call them – some scholars claim illegal immigration is not a criminal matter, therefore we should use the term “undocumented.”

Accusing the Library of Congress of bowing to political pressure of the moment, four Republican lawmakers have sent a letter urging the library to reconsider its recent decision to eliminate the terms “illegal aliens” and “alien” from its search and subject heading classifications.

In March, the Library of Congress announced it would start using the terms “noncitizens” and “unauthorized immigration,” saying this is “more precise and less offensive.

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The letter was sent May 19, by librarian David Mao, Lamar Smith of San Antonio, John Culberson of Houston and Sen. Ted Cruz.  Jeff Sessions of Alabama also signed the letter.   They told the library that the descriptions are LEGAL TERMS and should not be replaced without Congressional approval.

Some legal scholars still argue that the term “illegal” is incorrect because immigration is a CIVIL – not a CRIMINAL matter.  They insist that children can’t be called “illegal” because they were brought here by someone else.


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