Leonardo DiCaprio Lambasted as a Hypocrite

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Ah, Hollywood. The world’s most elite group of hypocrites and liberals. Next on the social media chopping block is none other than first time Academy Award winner Leonardo DiCaprio. The actor is now being criticized for flying a private jet from Cannes, France to New York to accept an environmental activism award at the Riverkeeper 50th Anniversary Ball. He then almost immediately took the private jet back to Cannes.

The criticism? DiCaprio by taking a private jet in that span of time just contributed heavy amounts of carbon footprints to the atmosphere, an objective he has preached to fight against in all his speeches at award shows (including this recent one). Fans are labeling him as a hypocrite, stating it proves again the contrast of how Hollywood celebrities preach and then how they actually live.

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One disgruntled fan named Diane Russell posted a comment about DiCaprio’s hypocrisy that perfectly sums up the bogusness of celebrities being involved in politics and activism. She writes:

“So sick of these Hollywood Hypocrites! They tell us how to live and then do anything they wish. But because they tell us to be green, they win an award. He talks the talk, but don’t walk the walk. I think just for that I’ll go drive around in my SUV for a few hours for no reason, toss some cans out the window, and run the air with the windows down!”


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