Lesbian Actress Vulgarly Degrades Trump Supporter

Lesbian actress Lea DeLaria of “Orange Is The New Black” fame vulgarly belittled and screamed at a Donald Trump supporter Monday night in New York. DeLaria was in attendance for the lavish over-the-top celebrity fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, when she encountered a Trump protester upon leaving.

Upon seeing the peaceful protesters’ Trump sign, DeLaria began chanting “fuck Trump” in the city streets. She then threw her middle finger up at the Trump supporter, ridiculed her appearance, and mocked her sexual orientation.

“Have you noticed the shirt you’re wearing? I think you’re a lesbian. You might want to think about voting for Hillary,” DeLaria, the staunch Clinton supporter and endorser, jeered and shouted at the woman. The woman began retorting back, and the filmed exchange can be viewed below:


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