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Written by DML
TeamDML is asking for your help with supporting President Trump and his latest effort to stop illegal immigration via the southern border.  Trump is now pushing for tariffs to be placed on all imports from Mexico until the Mexican authorities stop the flow of migrants coming from Central America.

The president is proposing a 5% tariff to be imposed starting June 10, 2019.  The tariffs will stay in place, and increase over time, until the flow of migrants stops. This is a fantastic strategy, and one that can make a huge impact.  Sadly, Trump is facing opposition from his own party, largely because of the influence of the Koch Brothers and special interest groups like the US Chamber of Commerce who lobby for cheap labor.

The Koch Brothers recently made public statements condemning the Trump tariffs.  To push the resistance against Trump, one of the Koch’s “paid for politicians,” Republican Senator Pat Robinson appeared on CNN this week to lash out at the president and his tariffs plan.

Trump needs our help.  Therefore, after conversations with my high level contacts, TeamDML is taking action to convey our support to the president.  We plan to fight back against the special interest groups and support the tariffs by making lots of noise in favor of the president.

Our support will not stop with the tariffs. We plan on doing this sort of thing from now until the election 2020.

If you want to help us get the president reelected, here are some options for you to choose from…

(1) If you are NOT a member of, please consider joining today.  We are 2,000 members and growing.  We invite our members to take part in strategy planning conference calls, we conduct live chats 24/7/365, and I address our team of approximately 2,000 members every weekday via video at 10am.  I also interact with members via podcast, and we will be holding a convention later this year to offer face to face team building initiatives for 2020 and 2024.  Go to for more information.

(2) If is too pricey for you, please join our supporter club at  By becoming a subscriber for .99 (99 cents) per month, you will never miss our most important postings.  You can cancel at any time.  To join, go to our Facebook page and click Become a Supporter.

(3)Whether you do or do not join and/or the 99 cents FB program, we suggest you download the DML News App from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.  It’s totally free, and it will help you stay in contact with our 2020 efforts and news coverage.

No matter which of the 3 choices above is best for you, it is CRITICAL that you provide your information to us TODAY so that you can participate in our LETTER campaign.

If you want to participate in our LETTER campaign to support Trump and his tariffs, FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS:

(A) Submit your information via our 2020 Form. (See link below)

(B) Once you submit the form, you will be led to the LETTER options page.

The LETTER you select will be sent to my contact in the White House.  Your name will be included on the LETTER SENDER list I keep, which is accessible by my WH contact. Your email, mailing address and phone number WILL NOT be accessible to my contact.  However, if the White House requests to contact you directly, we will inform you of this and ask permission to share your contact information.

(D) Each weekend in June, I will inform our 99 Cent Members and TeamDML subscribers of how many letters are sent.

NOTE: If you DO NOT submit the correct contact information on the 2020 FORM, we will NOT be able to get in touch with you.  So please follow steps A-C carefully.



  1. I don’t believe 5% tariff is going to do much. I believe he should of put 35% tariff from the get go and tell Mexico he will shut down the borders when ever he feels like it. THEN shut down the border Friday and open Monday, then shut down during the week. Trump needs to show them he’s boss of the border. 5% is nothing to them. This is a fight against socialism, our freedom and the fight against Mexican Cartels.

  2. Letter Two, Support Trump 100% Was going to join the .99 cent thing but It wont let me pay with PayPal no problem purchasing bumper sticker with PayPal

  3. I had filled out the form earlier and didn’t get anything back from DML. I want to know do I fill it out again on here and then the letter?

    • I’m wondering the same thing. I filled out the 2020 form yesterday but can’t find the letters.

  4. I think it should be more in the lines of 20 to 35 percent since all this money from all these illegals are sending all this money over to Mexico Mexico 🇲🇽 is going to be laughing 😆 about that one and I also think that hiring Americans is a good thing to what are we the Americans going to do when we the Americans can get a job cause illegals have them all

  5. I also 100% agree to stop the immigrants for crossing over the boarder we need to help our homeless veterans and others homeless people’s and we need to make America great again

  6. Absolutely support President Trump in any and all attempts to stop this invasion. Also needs to take 20% of the money they send back!!!

  7. I support the POTUS in imposing tariffs on Mexico! Thank you President Trump! I stand with you!

  8. I support President Trump all the way! He seems to be one of the very few sane politicians in office. I love that Trump is a bull and has taken charge. It is critical that the people we elected and pay…work for the people of America first.

  9. Yes I totally agree with the tariffs. President Trump we support you 100 %. And will do whatever we have to. We back you no matter what!

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