Former President Barack Hussein Obama will join David Letterman on the debut of Letterman’s new Netflix series this month, a 60-minute show called “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.”

Each episode in the series will focus on one person who Letterman finds “fascinating,” according to the Hollywood Reporter. The former “Late Night” host and his guests will engage in conversations inside and outside a studio setting. “The show will also feature field segments with Letterman embarking on trips related to the guest featured in each episode,” the Reporter notes.

Letterman’s first show will begin streaming on Friday, Jan. 12,  while an additional five episodes will be released monthly after that.

Other guests which Letterman apparently finds “fascinating” enough to warrant a 60-minute interview are actor George Clooney, actor Tina Fey, radio-host Howard Stern, rapper/singer Jay-Z and Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai.

Yousafzai may well be the most interesting guest in Letterman’s line-up. A human rights advocate and activist for female education, she is the youngest Nobel Prize laureate. Born in Pakistan, Yousafzai and her family ran a chain of schools. She was injured in 2012 by a Taliban gunman who attempted to murder her.

Letterman was once the host of CBS’s “Late Show,” which he left in 2015. In 2009, he was embroiled in a sex scandal reminiscent of those seen in the news recently. Letterman, then 62, was accused of having a sexual relationship with a subordinate: his former assistant, Stephanie Birkitt, then 34. Exacerbating the scandal was his 23-year marriage to Regina Lasso, then 48, with whom he had a son that he often talked about.

The affair was made public after Birkitt’s ex-boyfriend, former CBS News producer Robert “Joe” Halderman, attempted to extort money from Letterman over the relationship. Birkitt had reportedly cheated on Halderman with Letterman.

Rather than pay the “hush money,” Letterman confessed to the affair, saying, “I’m terribly sorry,” and adding that his wife,“has been horribly hurt by my behavior, and when something happens like that … you try to fix it…. So let me tell you folks: I got my work cut out for me.”