Liberal College Professor Goes on Crazy Tirade Against 9/11 Memorial


Gender studies professor Margot Lovett went on an anti-American tirade at Saddleback College in California when she began ripping down and crumbling 9/11 memorial posters. The posters were put up by patriotic students of the Members of the Young Americans for Freedom organization.

The “9/11: Never Forget” project is an initiative to plant 2,977 American flags in remembrance of the American lives lost 15 years ago. However, Lovett took grievance against this and began her crusade of destroying the posters promoting the project, telling students the areas they were hanging up the posters were not “free speech zones.”

To Lovett’s ignorance, the entire United States of America is actually a free speech zone. In fact, Lovett infringed on the students’ First Amendment rights by removing the posters.

Audra Leslie, the president of the Saddleback’s YAF organization, told Campus Reform the following:

“I was absolutely amazed that a professor believed that they had the authority to tear down posters put up by students in remembrance of the terrorist attacks. Instead of going to a higher level student office she took it upon herself to rid a student organization’s right to free speech on campus.”

Lovett, a gender studies and humanities professor, has had a controversial history of far-left actions on campus. In 2001, she told her colleagues that “U.S. Imperialism” is to blame for the 9/11 attacks. Video of the purple-haired professor tearing the signs down can be watched below:


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