Liberal College Removes American Flag – And Veterans are Protesting

At Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, around one thousand veterans came together to protest the removal of the American flag Sunday. Strongly disagreeing with the college president’s decision to remove the flag, the protesting veterans and their friends and families hope to teach the lesson of “freedom isn’t free” to the students of Hampshire College.

“They took down my flag, they have a right to that, I’m here to defend their right to do that but I want them to understand how bad that hurts me,” said veteran Jerry Maguire. Veterans like Maguire want to prove to the school what the flag stands for.

“I was in Iraq 18 months. I got hurt, spent time at Walter Reed. I came home and there’s no way I’ll let anyone take down the flag, no way. It means a lot to me and my brothers,” said veteran David Soucy.

Some people are saying the reason for the flag’s removal is due to political motives. The school made the decision to remove the flag following Donald Trump winning the presidential election earlier this November. Many were outraged by this decision, including the town’s mayor Domenic Sarno. “For the students here and the president and board of trustees have risen from what the veterans sacrificed, this flag and not to fly the flag on this campus if you were in some other countries around the world it would be handled very, very differently,” said Sarno.  The school says they removed it to not cause more of a stir after the flag was burned.

Video below of the protest:


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