Liberal Media On A Mission To Dampen Trump’s Fan Base

With just 25 days left until the presidential election, the all-out assault has begun on Republican nominee Donald Trump.

In his daily report, Dennis Michael Lynch says the liberal media is not trying to destroy Trump – they’ve discovered that’s impossible.  What they’re trying to destroy is his support base.

Scandalous stories are being thrown out by the media daily – and Lynch says it will only increase.  It’s intended to discourage Trump voters, to sow seeds of doubt, to kill enthusiasm, to make people give up.  “Don’t fall for the trap,” he says.

Already viewed over 1 million times, this video is one every Trump supporter should see, and it should be shared with all “undecided” friends as well.    One person commenting on the video said, “This video helped ‘talk me off the ledge.’”



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