Liberal Media Has Yet To Contact Bill’s Sexual Assault Accusers

The Liberal media in this country salivates at any chance they can get to make a negative story about Donald Trump.

As more women come forward accusing Trump of instances of sexual assault, the same news stations covering these stories have yet to contact Bill Clinton’s assault accusers about their stories.

On Thursday, Fox News anchor Sean Hannity asked three of former President Bill Clinton’s assault accusers the following question:

“Considering what is in the news today with Donald Trump, has the mainstream media been receptive to asking you three about your stories?”

Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey all said “no.”

Broadrick went on to name a few mainstream media companies, saying they haven’t been contacted by a single one.

When Hannity asked the women if this “reeks of politics.” They all said yes.

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