Liberal Students Too Distraught Over Trump’s Win To Take MidTerm Exams

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When the reality hit that Donald Trump had won the presidential election, many liberal students just couldn’t handle it.

A student posted a question to Yale University professors, writing, “Given the stressful path of the results of the election thus far – regardless of the outcome – the majority of the student body at Yale will be emotionally distraught and distracted tomorrow, and our performance on the midterm will be hindered massively.   Is there any hope of postponing the exam to preserve the sanctity and mental health of students in this class?   Even though the midterm is more about application than fact recall, I am fairly confident that it will be nearly impossible for anyone to focus tomorrow morning.  I am sure that many students would even make arrangements to come outside of class time if it means that we will be in a better mental state when taking the exam.   Please consider such an act of kindness.”

One Yale professor took pity on them, and offered to make the mid-term exam optional for those who simply couldn’t cope.   He sent his students a note before the results were official, saying, “I am getting many heartfelt notes from students who are in shock over the election results.”

“The ones I find most upsetting are those who fear, rightly or wrongly, for their own families.  These students are requesting that the exam be postponed,” the professor wrote.

He recognized some had already prepared for the test, and postponing the exam would mess up their schedule, so he offered to make the exam optional.

The students were apparently so distraught, they all just screamed in dismay at the news of Trump’s win.


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