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A leftist student group from the University of Wisconsin which considers President Donald Trump to be “one of the biggest oppressors of people of color in this country” is disgusted with the fact that the school’s football team chose a Trump hotel for its Orange Bowl accommodations.

On Friday, the UW-Madison Student Coalition for Progress issued a statement expressing their dismay up learning that the Wisconsin football players would be staying at the Trump National Doral Hotel, about 30 minutes northwest of Miami, during the Orange Bowl games. In it, they demanded an explanation for the Trump hotel choice, given the “racism and human rights violations of the President,” their news release said.

The student group, which was founded two days after Trump was elected president, is known for backing socialist causes and publicly criticized the Republican “tax scam” and pro-life measures.

According to Larry Wahl, Orange Bowl vice president of communications, the team’s hotel contract was decided on four years ago.

“[The Orange Bowl] is in a multi-year contract with Trump Doral and Wisconsin is the fourth team to have stayed there,” he told the university’s student paper.

The Student Coalition for Progress wasn’t aware of the contract at the time it issued the press release, representative Ekenedilichukwu Ikegwuani told the Badger Herald.

“The Badger athletics isn’t hurting for money,” Ikegwuani then told the paper. “I felt like they had enough so that if they wanted to go somewhere else they could’ve.”


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