Liberal university segregates students at graduation

An Ivy League university held segregated commencement ceremonies for black, Latino, gay, Native American and Asian students this spring.

The school is the ultra-liberal Columbia University, which hosted segregated proceedings in addition to a collective commencement ceremony.

The segregated events were organized by Columbia’s multicultural affairs office alongside race-based groups such as the Black Students Organization.

Special mortarboard tassels are awarded by the multicultural affairs office for students “who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to diversity, social justice and multiculturalism” through “campus leadership, community involvement, academic endeavors” or via “personal dedication.”

Columbia’s segregated graduation ceremonies are all separately named—“Raza Graduation” for Latino students, “Lavender Graduation” for gay students, and “Black Graduation” for black students.

Each of the segregated graduation ceremonies are sponsored or co-sponsored by the administration at Columbia where a single year of tuition, fees and room and board costs $68,300.

Other Ivy League schools held segregated graduation ceremonies this year. Harvard had a “black-only” graduation for black graduate students for which the students raised over $27,000 to fund the ceremony and a reception. The black graduate students hope the trend will continue with the school offering a black-only ceremony next year for undergraduate students.


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