Liberals Go On Outrageous Flag Burning Challenge

The “Philly Revolution Club” are pushing the “flag burning challenge” on their Facebook page, in a video that has many American patriots insulted and outraged.

As a young millennial starts to burn a United States flag on his barbecue grill, he announces, “Donald Trump, you Nazi scumbag, you say that people should be punished for burning the American flag.”

He continues his rant, “This flag has been a symbol of death and oppression from Hiroshema to Yemen to Honduras to North Dakota, and almost everywhere in between.”

“We will burn this flag to ashes, and we will organize mass resistance to defeat you and stop your whole program.  Donald Trump, we’re gonna burn down your empire,” he threatens.

Most of the comments he’s getting after posting the video are not printable, but this is one example:

David: “I still think a giant catapult aimed at a neighboring country is in order, to be shown on live TV
If you don’t want to be in this county there are millions who will be willing to pull the chord and let you fly!”

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