Liberals Slam Vogue Magazine Cover for Lack of Diversity

Vogue 1

Contributed by Michael Cost

The cover photo for the March edition of Vogue magazine was released recently.

Social media outrage ensued over the photo because it was not “fat” or “black” enough for some.

Vogue was specifically trying to feature a diverse cover photo, and it succeeded in doing so. However, some were not pleased with the result.  

[email protected] The cover should’ve been more inclusive w/variety of skin tones,sizes,heights & ages,as well as more diversity every month,” said one Twitter user.

“This photo is so sad,” said one Instagram user.

“@voguemagazine what happened to Gigi’s long arm and hand, odd,” said another Twitter user.

One of the models featured in the photo, a singular plus-sized model named Ashley Graham, proclaimed that she “chose her pose” with her hand on her leg and that “no one told me to do anything.”

The picture features seven women, all of whom are of different ethnicities. They are shown standing in solidarity on a peaceful beach.

Criticism about skin tones went as far as to flat-out say “f*** you vogue.”


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