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A report from The Washington Free Beacon details eight of Linda Sarsour’s most controversial tweets. Sarsour is the co-chair of the Women’s March and, as the report points out, has a history of progressive activism and of making controversial statements.

The following eight tweets are prime examples:

1) In 2011, Sarsour praised the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that wants to institute sharia law. Some in the U.S. say they should be designated a terrorist organization.

2) In 2016 on Memorial day, Sarsour implied that many only joined the U.S. armed forces because military recruiters pressured them.

3) During the 2016 election cycle, Sarsour attacked Republican nominees, saying they wanted to “torture women and children.”

4) In 2015, Sarsour attacked twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, saying women vote on issues, not gender, putting her at odds with the Democratic message.

5) In 2016, Sarsour joined the national debate over police officers and activists accusing them of racially motivated shootings, writing: “police have to stop killing black people.”

6) In 2015, Sarsour said reverse racism doesn’t exist.

7) In 2012, Sarsour has said that the Nation of Islam, “an organization headed by rabid anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan,” according to the Beacon, is integral to the history of Islam in America.

8) Also in 2012, Sarsour shared a video of Remi Kanazi, a Palestinian-American poet, who denounces Israel as an apartheid state and compares it to Iran and North Korea.

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