Lindsey Graham says GOP is running out of time to replace Obamacare


When asked by “Today” host Matt Lauer on Wednesday if the GOP’s healthcare bill is “dead on arrival,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) replied, “It is mortally wounded. I don’t know if it has died yet.”

Graham said he thinks that the GOP is running out of time to repeal and replace Obamacare.

“This is the last best chance for Republicans to pass healthcare by themselves, and screw it up. Here is what I hope the president would do: Try to get a good bill. If you can’t, let Obamacare collapse and challenge the Democrats to help him fix the problem they created,” he said.

Graham likened the proposed American Health Care Act’s current situation to what happened in 2010, when the Obama administration rushed the votes on Obamacare before the bill was ready.

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“Medicaid is not where I want it to be. And this thing will collapse Obamacare under its own weight. We are trying to do too much, too quick as Republicans. We are running through stop signs like the CBO letter, much like President Obama did. Slow down, get it right,” he advised.

Graham said he doesn’t think the bill will pass. “You’re not going to get 60 votes to buy insurance across state lines. That is a fantasy in the Senate. If you think that is important to healthcare reform, it is never going to happen in the Senate,” he stated.

Last week, Graham took his concerns to Twitter, writing, “I’m worried about doing it right. I’ve seen 1 process that produced Obamacare where you vote on Christmas Eve. I don’t feel a need for speed.”

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