On Monday, federal workers remained home as the government shutdown that occurred last Friday night loomed into this week.

Multiple agencies are in shutdown mode until the U.S. government can come to a compromise. As thousands of workers sit and wait to return, here is an abbreviated list of departments affected by the shutdown, according to The Washington Examiner:

  • Commerce Department – Most will be furloughed. A plan from the agency said that of the 48,000 workers, just 6,300 would be exempted from the shutdown.
  • Defense Department – About 375,000 civilians would be furloughed, or 50 percent of the workforce.
  • Environmental Protection Agency – This independent agency has said it can stay open with its regular staff for a “limited amount of time,” and told staff to come to work as normal.
  • Health and Human Services – HHS said it would furlough nearly 41,000 of its 82,000 staff.
  • Homeland Security – The bulk of U.S. Customs and Border Protection — 54,000 out of 59,000 — perform a key national security function and thus would be exempt from the shutdown. Similarly, 16,000 out of 19,000 in Immigration and Customs Enforcement will still be working, and 54,000 out of 58,000 at the Transportation Security Administration will still be on the job.
  • Interior Department – Most in the secretary’s office are furloughed, 2,267 out of 2,733.
  • Justice Department – Of this agency’s 115,000, about 83 percent will be exempted from the shutdown.
  • Labor Department – Out of 14,825 employees, just 3,077 will be working.
  • State Department – The Department will continue as many normal operations as possible.
  • Transportation Department – Nearly half of the department’s workers will be furloughed. The department said 20,518 out of 55,180 would be let go until appropriations are reauthorized.
  • Treasury Department – Thousands of Treasury workers were expected to stay home on Monday.
  • Veterans Affairs – Most will keep working. The VA said that of its 377,000 workers, less than 16,000 will be furloughed.