Loaded Gun Found In NC Shooting Had Victim’s Fingerprints


Multiple news media are now reporting that a source has confirmed that a gun found near North Carolina shooting victim Keith Scott’s body does have his fingerprints, blood and DNA on it.

WBTV reported that the source also said the gun was loaded.

The source who gave the update is reportedly someone close to the investigation of the fatal shooting Scott, which happened Tuesday.

Police have not released their video of the shooting, but Scott’s family released a video Friday that was taken on a cell phone by his wife.  In the video, officers can be heard yelling at Scott to “drop the gun” but his wife keeps saying that he doesn’t have a gun.

More from WBTV:

Several stories have emerged whether Scott had a gun at the time of the shooting. Some, including the family, say he was holding a book that he was reading while waiting on his son to get off the school bus.

Scott’s family viewed the police video from dash cam and body cameras Thursday afternoon.

“My understanding is that he did not own a gun, he did not habitually carry a gun,” family attorney Justin Bamberg said.

Police said they did recover a gun.

“I can tell you a weapon was seized – a handgun,” Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney said a press conference Wednesday. “I can also tell you we did not find a book that has been made referenced to.”

Bamberg said he has heard several witness accounts, including that a gun was placed at the scene.

WBTV obtained a photo Wednesday that sources say shows a gun next to Scott’s body after the shooting.




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