Loads of Mail Packages and Envelopes Mysteriously Dumped into the Woods

In DeKalb County, Georgia, several bins of mail packages and envelopes were dumped into the woods. The United States Postal Service has begun an inquiry into a possibly disgruntled worker committing the criminal act.

Neighbors who live in the area have been upset and angry because they haven’t received important mail in days. “It’s just so uncalled for,” DeKalb County resident Theresa Williams said. “To just take somebody’s personal mail and just discard it like that.”

“That’s where my mail at, down in that hole down there in the woods,” said Johnnie Lanier, another resident. “I think that was very disrespectful.”

Homeowners Association President Kellie Campbell took video footage of the unidentified postal worker dumping the bins of mail deep into the woods in a ditch. “I sat there and recorded for about 5 minutes. And he continued to just grab more mail and continued to just toss it over the fence,” Campbell said. “You have business statements, bank statements, very important mail that people are looking for and probably waiting for.”

Overall, it took several workers a couple of hours to collect all the mail from the ditch in the woods. Video below:


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