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Written by DML
As noted yesterday, I am filming on location on an island in the Caribbean which is subject to a large amount of Haitian immigrants, most of them illegal.

I am told by locals that the damage done by the illegal immigrants is astronomical, and the island as it once was is completely lost.

The overriding theme here is that we are all God’s children, and some people need more help than others, but governments cannot withstand the constant inflow of migrants.

This island’s schools are filled with the Haitian children, and I am told the people come here with little to no money. They create huts, they live in deplorable conditions, and beauty of the island is lost. Traveling at night is a high risk venture, says everyone that I asked.

Driving around the island is depressing. The illegal residents are everywhere, and in many cases RIGHT OUTSIDE some of the world’s most luxurious resorts. These are some of the worst slums I’ve ever seen.

In the video below, I ask a security guard how he feels about the illegal immigrants being here. He said what others have told me — they bring crime, drugs and guns. He wants them to all go back to their home country.

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