Man in Female Locker Room Attacks Woman

A Michigan woman got the scare of her lifetime recently while showering in the locker room at the Troy LA Fitness center.

She suddenly noticed a man standing in the room watching her.   When she told him he was in the wrong area, he left, but then came back again and lunged at her.   She finally managed to break free and call for help.

By her description, police were able to identify him right away.   The accused lurker is Luis Augusto Ramirez, 49, of Southfield.  He has been charged with illegal surveillance, assault and battery, and indecent exposure, and is jailed on a $50,000 bond.

The bathroom / locker room share policy pushed by the liberal left will only result in more of these sort of stories.  In this case, thankfully, the woman was terrified, but not injured.  It won’t be long until the rape and murder stories surface.



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