A Look Into the Relationship Between Cascade Mall Shooter And Ex-Girlfriend


Just hours after the arrest of Cascade Mall shooting suspect Arcan Cetin, twitter blew up with speculation that Cetin targeted the Burlington shopping mall thinking his ex-girlfriend, Molly Bridges worked at that Macy’s store.

One person even questioned if Bridges’ was some sort of accomplice in the shooting.

According to The New York Times, witness reports from the Cascade Mall said that the shooter called out a woman’s name, but police have declined comment, and there have been no credible reports as to what that name might have been, if indeed the shooter did call it out.

While it is unknown if Cetin called out Molly Bridges’ name in the mall the day he killed 5 victims, but it is worth looking into the past relationship of the two.

The past relationship between Cetin and Bridges can be seen through various posts on social media.

In a Twitter post dated October 19, 2014, Cetin is shown announcing his love for his girlfriend. Four days later, he posted another Tweet declaring his desire to “prove” his love for her.

On October 27, four days after Cetin posted about proving his love, Bridges posted a tweet on her Twitter feed from a news alert about a “man with a gun” in Puyallup, Washington. There is no known connection between Cetin and the “man with a gun.”

In a Facebook post from August 10, 2014, Bridges referred to Cetin as her “incredible boyfriend.” But in March of 2015, according to her Facebook page she began dating a different guy.

Bridges even called out Cetin for the ALS Ice Bucket challenge back in 2014 when this was trending and popular a couple years ago.

Whether the relationship between Bridges and Cetin had anything to do is still not yet known. With Cetin currently in police custody, it is only a matter of time until more details on the shooting start to be released.


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