Los Angeles Police Commissioner Mocks Trump Supporters

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How tacky is this, from a law enforcement officer?   He posted on Twitter, mocking Trump supporters, then deleted his tweet. But, there are screenshots!

Los Angeles Police Commissioner was commenting on a video of supporters at a Trump rally in Indiana.  

He said, “Every man in the crowd looks like he has the same biological parents.”    

Here is the video he was referencing: 

Here is Mr. Soboroff’s twitter post, which he has now deleted.

Twitter_Trump-hater Steve Soboroff2

The Daily Caller reached out to him for comment, Soboroff doubled down on his tweet saying that it was “just an observation.”

“I thought it funny that in a country as diverse and exciting as America that almost all men in crowds were not,” he told TheDC. “They were all white. It’s been shown thousands of times and in polls.”

Trump supporters do NOT think it’s funny.    One said, “Unfit to be a Police Commissioner of America’s second largest city.”

The best response was this one:   @SteveSoboroff why don’t you release #LosAngeles’ most wanted list? Or should I do it? Who do those thugs look like?

According to Daily Caller:  Soboroff was selected to serve on the Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners in 2013 by the city’s liberal mayor, Eric Garcetti. He served as president of the commission for two years before being elected vice president in 2015. Made up of five civilian board members, the commission serves as the head of the Los Angeles Police Department and helps set policies and oversee operations.



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