Maine’s First Lady Takes Waitress Job

Ann LePage 1

Customers at McSeagull’s had no idea who was taking their order and pouring their coffee.

Ann LePage had spent years taking care of her mother, who suffered from scleroderma and passed away in October.  She’s always wanted to work as a waitress, and, inspired by the fact that her daughter Lauren made $28 per hour last summer at McSeagull’s, Ann went to work.  Besides, she needed the extra money.

Her husband, Republican Governor of Main, Paul LePage, is the lowest-paid governor in the United States, with an annual salary of $70,000 – many school superintendents in Maine earn at least twice that amount.

The LePages live in the governor’s mansion, and just bought a $215,000 home in Boothbay two years ago, where they plan to live when his governor’s term is up in 2018.

Ann LePage 3 Gov Paul LePage

Ann is saving her earnings for a Toyota RAV4.  She works 3 days a week, and is always looking for more work.  “Because of who I am and who I’m married to, I want to work extra hard just so I can show them I can do the job,” she said.

She managed to keep a low profile for a while, and didn’t tell customers, or co-workers, that she is actually the first lady, unless they ask.  But her husband slipped up and told a crowd of people at a townhall meeting that his wife was working to supplement his income, then a reporter came to the restaurant.

Now the secret is out.  One customer, Laurie Green, of Casco, said most politicians “have the wealth, they money, but they have no clue what the average person out in the world is doing.”

Customers are telling LePage that she should run for office now.

Governor LePage recently tried to increase his successor’s salary to $150,000, but the measure failed.


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