Major wildfires sweep Texas Panhandle

This week, three major wildfires in the Texas Panhandle combined to burn about about 750 square miles – more than 480,000 acres – while taking the lives of at least 4 people and 1,500 cattle.

The fires started March 6, and as of March 9, officials reported two of the three fires were fully contained.

Firefighters are working to extinguish the biggest of the three, the Perryton fire, which scorched 318,056 acres while traveling across four counties.

Texas A&M Forest Service said the Perryton fire is the third largest in Texas history.

Three of the people killed were trying to herd cattle away from the fire when they were overcome.

Two other fires in Oklahoma and Kansas each killed one person.

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Agriculture officials are rushing to gather feed, transportation, and fencing for displaced cattle and horses.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott stated he will grant a waiver to hay carriers who deliver hay to counties in need, temporarily suspending legal requirements, as well as requirements and fees for permits.

Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-Clarendon) urged affected agriculture producers to file a Notice of Loss to begin the federal assistance process with the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Aerial footage:

H/T: Amarillo Global News


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