Mall Fights Break Out Across The U.S. on Christmas Eve


In New Jersey, Alabama, and Illinois holiday mall shoppers were filmed fighting and hurling objects at each other.

At the new Jersey City’s Newport Center Mall, fights broke out in the middle of a huge crowd. Security guards were being pushed back and punched before finally ending the brawls.

Two separate fights broke out among woman, who were finishing up their last minute Christmas shopping, at a mall in Alabama.

In Illinois a man can be seen attacking a woman, with a hammer like object, while her child is off to the side in a stroller. Someone passes her a chair which she uses to block the man’s attacks. It is unclear what started these fights, but it doesn’t just stop there. Another man can be seen in front of a shoe department store banging someone’s head repeatedly on the ground. The camera then pans to a man dragging a woman across the ground before security steps in to break up the fights.

H/T Daily Mail


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