Man Accidentally Locked in County Jail For Hours Awarded $600,000


Farad Polk went on a week-end visit  in July 2104 to see his son being held in the  Cook County Jail and was accidentally locked in a visitors room for 32 hours.

Following directions, Polk went down the hallway and turned to the right, when he walked through an open door that closed behind him.  Officials said the room was used by visitors with super-maximum security prisoners and was not used on weekends.

The trapped man said he made several attempts to get the guards’ attention by waving his arms at the cameras. Unfortunately, the cameras  were off line due to maintenance.

Polk was finally rescued by the Chicago Fire Department after breaking a sprinkler head off, which set off an alarm.  Polk told his rescuers that he had been trapped in the room for 32 hours.  He sued for emotional trauma and minor damages to his hands while breaking the sprinkler.

Chicago Tribune reports that the Cooks County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman, Sophia Ansari, confirmed the settlement of $600,000 paid to Farad Polk.  Ansari said the sheriff’s department was grateful that Polk was found safe.

Video by CBS shown below:


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