Man Arrested for Harassing Women with Indecent Questions in Target

Jeffrey Polizzi picked the wrong woman to approach in a Yulee, Florida Target store last Tuesday, April 26.  She remembered him, as he had approached her in a grocery store a couple years earlier, asking indecent questions, and she recognized not only his face, but also his same, familiar pick-up line he’d used in the first encounter.

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]When he approached me yesterday he did not remember who I was, until I called him out on it in this video. When he approached me in Publix two years ago he had two small children with him under the age of three in his shopping cart. The basket of his shopping cart was filled with multiple different types of razors that were for both men and women. He starts out his conversation with the same punch line he uses here in the very beginning of this video saying, “Hey there I don’t mean to bother you but I just bought this maxi dress for my wife at Ross and I was kinda worried about the sheerness of it.”[/pullquote]

This time, he again had a basket full of razors, but no children.

The woman, Candice Spivey, posted an account and a video on her facebook page.  She said she knew he was filming her with his phone, so she secretly started recording with her phone as well.  When she finally brought her phone up to film his face, he realized he was caught and took off running, with her chasing him, while she yelled at the Target staff to call the police.

Police were able to catch Polizzi and arrested him for video voyeurism.  He has a record for doing the same thing before.   Police are asking for any women who have also been approached by Polizzi to come forward.


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