Man Boxes Kangaroo To Save His Dog

A viral video caught a dog owner in action after a Kangaroo puts a man’s dog in a headlock and the owner had to box the Kangaroo to get his dog back.

Daily Mail UK reported that while in the Australian outback, a dog owner became worried about where his dog was after calling out to him.  Upon searching for him in the woods he found a Kangaroo holding his best friend, Max, in a headlock.

Without hesitation the dog owner, sprung into action and proceeded to try and separate the two. The Kangaroo, who at first tried kicking the man, eventually released the man’s dog and took on a fighting stance. The dog owner had to literally “box” the Kangaroo and it took a right cross to the animal’s face to get it to realize it was time to go.

The viral video has been seen by more than 3 million people since Sunday.


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