Man claiming he has a bomb reaches White House checkpoint

Late Saturday night, the Secret Service had their hands full securing an unidentified man claiming to have a bomb while at a White House checkpoint.

About a quarter mile from the White House, the man allegedly drove his car to a checkpoint and told authorities he was carrying a bomb. Secret Service agents shut down the immediate area and bomb technicians came in to inspect the vehicle.

According to statements made by agents, the man’s vehicle looked “suspicious” when he pulled up to the checkpoint:

“In accordance with proper protocols, Secret Service personnel increased their posture of readiness. Due to the fact that this is an ongoing criminal investigation, the Secret Service will not provide any further details at this time.”

Despite the overall sensitivity of White House breaches, President Donald Trump was not at the estate at the time. The president was at his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida spending the weekend with family.

The apprehended man is currently being investigated by the Secret Service and Washington police personnel.

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