Man Considers Himself A Non-offending Pedophile

An Oregon man, Gary Gibson, 65, admits he is attracted to girls, 12 years old and younger, but says he has never acted on his attractions.

As a Christian, Gibson has started a non-profit organization, Association for Sexual Abuse Prevention, to help others who share this same problem.

According to the Daily Mail, Gibson released videos that claim his family had a lengthy history incestual child abuse. Gibson reportedly has often wondered if pedophilia can be passed down in the family.

“My grandfather sexually abused my mother and I think at least one of his sisters,” Gibson said. “And my father’s woman was known on the streets to be one that invited the little boys into her house and did things with them.”

He went on to describe how his father sexually abused all of his sisters.


“I had never called myself a pedophile, but for more than 50 years I have been sexually attracted to little girls. I choose not to act on it,” he said.

The report does mention that at one point in time a 10-year-old girl living with Gibson and his wife accused him molesting her. Gibson denied the claims but “came out” to his wife that day.

“I told her I didn’t do it, but this is where I’m at; I’m attracted to kids,” he said.  He said his wife does not consider him as a pedophile. The website Gibson created now has 1,800 members that consider themselves non-offending pedophiles.

H/T: Daily Mail


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