Man Films Own Auto Crash on Facebook Live

Twenty-year-old Onasi Olio-Rojas is a very lucky man, but luck eventually runs dry when driving over 100 mph while on Facebook Live.

Wednesday morning, Olio-Rojas put himself and just about everyone in the vicinity of eastbound Route 6 in Providence, Rhode Island at grave risk. The young male driver of a black sedan accelerated his vehicle to 116 mph and posted the whole thing on Facebook Live, to the horror of viewers.

Olio-Rojas was sent to the hospital in critical condition after colliding with a Waste Management truck and losing control of his car, then crossing three lanes of traffic before plowing into a concrete barrier.

This incident is only the most recent event in a series of auto-related accidents caused by the reckless young driver, who has also injured others. Speeding, texting, aggression, and Facebook posts all have played a part in his dangerous behavior.


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