Man Gets Stuck Between Buildings Trying To Impress Date

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A young man out on a date brought the girl up to the rooftop around 2:00 a.m. Tuesday morning, then tried to make a lasting impression by jumping from one building to the next.

The leap was unsuccessful, as the rooftops of Qdoba Mexican Grill and Bruegger’s Bagels are not the same height.   Grant Birdsong, 22, fell between the two buildings and was stuck there for four hours.

Birdsong broke his ankle, and was wedged tightly between the buildings, while rescuers had to use a jackhammer to break open a wall in the Qdoba Grill to free him.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that the girl he was trying to impress “stayed the entire time” that emergency workers were trying to get him out.

Ironically, Birdsong is the son of Tom Birdsong, a senior assistant managing editor for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh, where he is majoring in communication and film.

Public safety spokeswoman Emily Schaffer said later in the day that officials were still reviewing the incident and had not decided whether to file charges. She said damage estimates were not yet available, but she expected the business’ insurance would cover the cost.


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The two affected businesses are not pleased with the ordeal.  The bagel store had to close for repairs, and the Qdoba Mexican grill owner said it may take weeks for their wall to be repaired before they can reopen.


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