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An Afghan father who named his son Donald Trump has suffered for his decision under the supremacist ideology of Islam.

Just prior to the birth of his son, Asadullah Poya read a Dari translation of what appears to be “Trump: How to Get Rich,” published in 2004 by the then-star of “The Apprentice.”

“I loved his personality. I thought he is the best at economics and he is great at politics,” Poya said. “I thought `This is a great man.’ I liked the way he decides he wants something and then he goes and gets it.”

In  August 2016, Poya’s son was born with an unusual shock of blond hair, so he named him Donald Trump, hoping it would bring him good fortune.

The Star reported: Poya’s own parents were furious that he had given their grandchild a non-Muslim name. The imam of the village mosque devoted an entire Friday sermon to the matter, calling the name an insult….

On Thursday, five neighbors approached the landlord and demanded he throw Poya out, calling him an “infidel” for not giving his son a Muslim name….

Poya said he and his wife had to block their Facebook pages after they received a deluge of angry comments and threats. One user said four men were coming to kill him, while others called him an infidel or an atheist, a potentially fatal accusation in a conservative Muslim country.

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