Marine Vet Tahmooressi In Jail Again

Andrew Tahmooressi

Does the punishment really fit the crime?

Andrew Tahmooressi, 27, who was once imprisoned in Mexico for months for accidentally crossing over the border is back in jail again.   The Marine Corp Times reported today that Tahmooressi was arrested Thursday in Dearborn County, Indiana, and is now serving a one-month sentence, for possession of a small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.  

Early Thursday morning, a police officer in Indiana came upon Tahmooressi sitting in a parked pickup truck with the engine running, lights off and the car alarm going off, court documents say. Tahmooressi appeared disoriented when the officer approached.  He had a small bag of marijuana, which he had been smoking.  He pleaded guilty Thursday to two misdemeanor offenses and was awarded two days’ credit toward his 30-day sentence, the court records say.

Andrew Tahmooressi

Andrew Tahmooressi

A family spokesman who issued a statement on behalf of Tahmooressi’s mother Jill on Monday said, “The family remains gravely concerned about Andrew’s mental health condition.  They are further concerned, given his documented mental health diagnosis and the police’s own claim that he was disoriented upon arrest, that he was allowed to represent himself and plead guilty.  The family is in the process of looking into re-opening the case so that a court ordered mental health exam may be conducted.”

Tahmooressi made headlines when he was arrested at a Tijuana border checkpoint in March 2013 with three weapons and ammunition in the back of his pickup truck. The former Marine sergeant said he had crossed the border accidentally. He was freed in November 2014 after an outpouring of support from U.S. lawmakers.

Donald Trump had also sent Tahmooressi a $25,000 check after he got out of Mexico prison, to help him get back on his feet.


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