Mark Cuban Makes Outlandish Prediction About Trump Post-Election


Billionaire Mavericks owner and Shark Tank host Mark Cuban has made a bold prediction about Donald Trump if he does not win the November election against Hillary Clinton. His prediction is that Trump will actually go broke and bankrupt seven years following his defeat, claiming “that’s how toxic his brand now is.”

The Clinton supporter though made a contradictory prediction two months ago in a CNN interview, saying that losing the election could be Trump’s “dream scenario” because it would definitely “increase his networth 10x.” In fact, he explicitly says: “It’s truly the gains he could see. He would immediately turn into a good guy since he would no longer be a threat to the safety of the free world.”

Cuban fought back one Twitter user who brought up his hypocrisy, stating that times have changed regarding the “offensive” comments Trump has made in the past two months.

His tweets can be read below:


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