Mark Cuban Spotted Meeting With Trump’s Chief Strategist

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Is billionaire Mark Cuban, who slammed Trump and campaigned for Hillary Clinton, having a change of heart?

Cuban was photographed in deep discussion with President-elect Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon on Tuesday, having a drink at the King Cole Bar in the St. Regis Hotel, just down the street from Trump Tower.

Politico posted the photo a tipster had sent in to them, showing Cuban and Bannon chatting, with Bannon taking notes in an orange notebook as Cuban spoke to him.


Cuban had once supported Trump, then turned against him, saying he had a “complete and utter lack of preparation, knowledge and common sense.”

Instead, he went on the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton, endorsing her and speaking for her.  At a rally in Pittsburgh, he told Hillary’s fans that Trump would likely accept bribes if he were elected and claimed Trump would cave if Putin or Assad offered him $20 billion.

Cuban had revved up Hillary’s crowd by claiming that Trump doesn’t have the “temperament” or the “fortitude” to do the right thing.   He told them, “Do you think he cares more about you or his bank account? Can you trust Donald Trump? Absolutely not.”

The Daily Mail reported that just last week, Cuban had announced that his NBA team, the Dallas Mavericks, had been boycotting all Trump hotels while on the road.

However, the Daily Mail points out that Cuban does like Steve Bannon – Trump’s new Chief Strategist – and said in a Fox News interview, “I know who Steve Bannon is. I’ve done business with him. He’s a smart guy. He’s smarter than Donald.”

Politico reported that neither Cuban nor Bannon replied when asked for a comment during their meeting at the New York City bar on Tuesday.


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