Maryland Senate Candidate Dragged Off Stage By Police (Video)

The Green Party candidate in Maryland’s Senate race was escorted off the debate stage by police on Wednesday after she demanded to be included in the discussion.

Margaret Flowers, was not allowed to be a part of the debate because she wasn’t polling high enough to qualify for a position on stage with the Republican nominee Kathy Szeliga and Democratic nominee Chris Van Hollen.

The University of Baltimore and the Maryland League of Women Voters set a 15 percent polling threshold to take part in the debate and Flowers only received 5 percent.

Frustrated at the outcome and the disallowance for her to debate the other candidates, she got up on stage, stood between Van Hollen and Szeliga and said “I think it’s important for voters to understand the differences between myself and Congressman Van Hollen and Del. Szeliga. Otherwise, they don’t really know. I mean, you say you’re a public university and you want to educate the public, but without having a full public discussion that doesn’t actually happen.”

As she was physically led off the stage she continued to talk.

“It’s Dr. Flowers and I’m a candidate for U.S. Senate in Maryland, and this is how you’re treating a candidate?” Flowers asked.

Van Hollen and Szeliga were both willing to have Flowers included, believing the debate was doing a disservice by not having her on stage also.

A video from the debate can be seen below:


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