Massive Drug Smuggling Tunnel Uncovered In Mexico

Mexican prosecutors uncovered a drug smuggling tunnel on Thursday that runs 23 feet below the ground and heads straight for the United States.

The tunnel found in Tijuana, Mexico was equipped with ventilation, lighting, and rails for pushing packages of drugs measured nine feet wide, four feet tall, and is 1,689 feet long.

The tunnel was found after agents of the attorney general requested a search warrant to inspect a suspicious property. At the house prosecutors found more than “two metric tons of marijuana,” AP reported.

According to media reports, the tunnel entrance was concealed by an ice store called La Hielera del Aeropuerto which is located only 990 feet from the US border.

According to ICE, this is the 13th large-scale tunnel that has been found along the California border since 2006.

The US Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have also confirmed the existence of the tunnel but have not yet stated if the tunnel reached San Diego like many reports are claiming.


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