Massive Explosion Destroys Apartment Buildings

Photo Credit: Fire Chief Marc Bashoor, Prince George's County, Maryland Fire/EMS Department

A massive explosion at an apartment complex – heard more than a mile away – created a raging inferno that killed at least two people, with more still missing.

Just before midnight Wednesday evening – while most people were already in bed asleep – the explosion and resulting fire occurred at the four-level apartment buildings in Silver Spring, Maryland.

At least two bodies were found in the rubble, and a Fox News report says at least 5 to 7 people are still unaccounted for.   Three firefighters were injured while fighting the blaze and conducting rescues, and 31 others were injured also.

The identities of the dead have not yet been publicly confirmed.   

Authorities are still searching for the cause of the explosion, but reports are coming out that residents had smelled gas days before, and a 911 call was made on July 25 reporting the smell of gas.   Reportedly that was inspected and cleared.

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service Chief Scott Goldstein said people were already using construction ladders to conducts rescues when they arrived.   “People were dropping children and jumping out of other windows. Everybody was getting out of the building as rapidly as possible.”

Debris was blasted out across the area, streets and parking lot, and windows across the street were broken out from the explosion.

A shelter was opened at a community center for about 100 people who had no where else to go. 



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