Massive number of refugees from travel-restricted countries enters U.S. in 2017


A new report from Pew Research Center shows 2,466 refugees from six countries under Trump’s new travel restrictions have resettled in the United States since the new president took office.

The countries include Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. According to Pew Research Center, the number of refugees that have entered from these six countries represents 32% of all refugees accepted since January.

The new report from Pew Research also reveals 3,410 of the 7,594 refugees that have entered the U.S. during Trump’s first seven weeks in office are Muslim (45%) and 3,292 are Christian (43%).

In the fiscal year 2017, Syria, Somalia, and Iran are the leading nationalities of refugees who have entered the U.S. — 5,585 Syrians, 4,703 Somalians, and 1,893 Iranians.

Trump’s new executive order goes into effect Mar. 16.

Courtesy: Pew Research

Courtesy: Pew Research

H/T: Pew Research


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