A Spanish matador was gored by a bull last weekend in his triumphant return to the ring after another goring incident. He was speared by one of the bull’s horns, which tore a six-inch gash through a major blood vessel in his leg.

Fox News reports: Matador Roman Collado was in the ring in Seville, Spain, when his bullfight nearly turned deadly. The bull charged at Collado and even picked him up with a horn after it got caught on his pants. Collado’s leg was ripped open during the ordeal.

Collado was rushed to the hospital and had surgery to repair the gash, Publinewsreported. His agent, Nacho Lloret, told the news site the injury was concerning.“What is most worrying right now is the vascular injury,” the agent said.

Collado later tweeted to address the incident and vow to return to the ring.

Collado was previously gored in the arm and chest during an incident in Valencia, after which he’d taken a break from bullfighting.