Mayor Hires Bounty Hunters to Catch Refugees

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Laszlo Toroczkai, 47, is the mayor of a small town called Asotthalom in Hungary, where he rules the rural village with an iron fist against invading refugees.

In an insider report from Daily Mail, the Serbian bordering town of 4,000 is a predominantly white Christian community with little wiggle room for refugees, according to Toroczkai. A Hollywood-esque promotional video was released by Toroczkai to depict how serious he and the local town government are in keeping others out.

Toroczkai was elected in 2013 and is the vice-president of Hungary’s far-right party Jobbik. His political platform is about avoiding the “disappearance of Europe” by welcoming refugees in past defined borders. The extremist mayor told BBC News the following:

“We primarily welcome people from Western Europe, people who wouldn’t like to live in a multicultural society. We wouldn’t like to attract Muslim people in the village, even though we already have a few Muslim residents in Asotthalom.

It’s very important for the village to preserve is traditions. Europe is small. It can’t take in billions of people from Africa and South Asia, where there’s a population boom. This would soon lead to the disappearance of Europe. We can see large numbers of Muslim communities in Western communities that haven’t been able to integrate, and we don’t want the same thing to happen here.”

To ensure his anti-migrant policy works, Toroczkai and Hungarian officials had prisoners produce a fence topped with razor wire. Thousands of police and soldiers patrol this fence, with orders to resort to violent methods if trespassers do not succumb to arrest by higher authorities for illegally crossing.

Additionally, last November Toroczkai introduced a “preventative action package” of designed laws that would essentially forbid any form of migration to Asotthalom.

The video of the Hungarian mayor and his legion of bounty hunters can be viewed below:

H/T: Daily Mail


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